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*Youth Worship Day
MAD (Making A Difference)
September 15th

The Youth were excited for their Maiden Voyage in our new church VAN today!

A huge Thank You to Mrs. Kelly Miller for helping with transportation. 
As you can see, our new van was already filled beyond capacity!!  We are Blessed to have had so many Youth participating in today's activities.


*Youth Worship Service
August 26th

We have such a wonderful group of girls and guys in our Youth Group.  We are so proud of them!  We recognize each and every one of them for their efforts and for working hard in putting together a Great Youth Service. 
We were Blessed tonight as Our Lord was Glorified!

*Check out our Facebook page for more pictures!


*Hispanic Sports Mission Youth Camp 
July 30th-August 3rd

We've enjoyed being a part of this awesome Mission camp!  We ministered to a total of 73 kids with an average of 50 kids each day.  There were 16 professions of Faith made.  Please pray with us for these new babes in Christ as they grow in their relationship with Him.

*Visit our Facebook page for more Hispanic Sports Mission Youth Camp Pictures!


Youth Clear Camp at Tall Timbers - Summer  2018

We are very excited our Youth attended Clear Camp.  5 days packed with fun-filled activities ending in Worship and personal group Bible study! They have returned testifying of their closer relationship with The Lord and a special bond amongst each other. Thank you Anthony and April for making it possible for them to experience this.

*Visit our Facebook page for more Clear Camp pictures!


*So Thankful and Blessed for our Youth Leaders:   

                    Anthony & April Sharp 

                Ya'll are doing a great job!!



*We are privileged to have Rev. Joe Jenkins, and his wife Martha, reunite with us.  Welcome Back Home!!