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*March 10 - April 21
Sunday Mornings at 10:30am
"7 Symbols of Sacrifice"

For 7 weeks...

During these Special Services, we will study
the "7 Symbols of Sacrifice" in Preparation for Easter & Celebrating Our Risen Lord. 

Come and learn what these symbols mean and
why they are important for YOU in Your Walk with the Lord.

We hope you will attend!

*March 10th
Sunday Morning

Our 1st symbol: 
The Cross!

This very Special Service begins our study on the
7 Symbols of Sacrifice & is entitled
"Nailing it to the Cross."

Come! Take part in this interactive service of
'Nailing to the Cross'
your Burdens  &/or  your Needs
as we look to
The Cross, as a symbol of Our Lord's promise to us!

*March 17th
Sunday Morning

Our 2nd Symbol: 
The Basin and Towel!

Have you ever considered that 'The Basin and Towel' played an important role in the crucifixion of Our Lord and Savior?  During this morning's service, we learn what that role is and what this symbolizes.  Join us!


*March 24th
Sunday Morning

Our 3rd Symbol:
The Crown of Thorns!

Bro. Joe Jenkins will be delivering the message on
"The Crown of Thorns."
Crowns are for kings, but the soldiers placed this crown on Jesus' head to mock Him and intensify His pain. 
They could not fathom that SUCH a humble man was, in truth,
Christ the King.
We hope you come and learn more during this special Symbol service.


*March 16th
6th Annual Ladies Conference

Sending out a Big Thank You to everyone who came out and supported our Ladies Conference this year!!  It was wonderful to be amongst Sisters in Christ while hearing God's Message and sharing Fellowship with each other.  God Bless!

A special Thank You to Kathy Nelson and Michelle Tolar for ministering to us the message of "The Table!"

These are a few of the Men who took "time out" on their Saturday off to come and serve the Ladies during our Conference.

We have a wonderful church family who is always willing to lend a helping hand with a smile on their face & joy in their hearts!

Thank You Fellas!!   We appreciate YOU!


**Until Sold Out

Please help spread the word!...

See Jodie Nugent
if interested in purchasing.

*A Special Thank You to Cindy Clark ...
for making the jelly then donating all sales.


*March 19th    (5:00pm - 7:00pm)
Ladies Quilting Ministry 

You're welcomed to join us and be a part of our Ladies Quilting Ministry!

The Ladies of TBC will meet during this time to prepare quilts and enjoy fellowship together in this ministry. 

Meeting will be at TBC in the quilt room near the fellowship hall.


*March 26th
Sausage PoBoy Sale

The Youth will be hosting a Sausage PoBoy Sale for lunch after morning services today.

Sausage PoBoy, Chips, & Little Debbie cake. 
Please place your orders with
April Sharp.

Deadline is March 20th.


*March 26th  ~  6:00pm
Sewing Class

You are welcomed to join us!

We will be having a sewing class for anyone interested in learning to sew or improve in their sewing skills!

Class will meet in the Quilt room.


*March 30th  ~  5:00pm
Younger Adult Sunday School BBQ

Attn Sunday School:
Don't Forget!

We will be gathering together for an evening of BBQ, Fun, & Fellowship!